Our current initiatives are intended to reduce the incidence of

Modern Slavery.

As the call-to-action for the film ‘Toy Stories’ (working title), produced by our sister organization Wishing Step Pictures, we are helping to support survivors of modern slavery and help reduce its incidence with our current campaigns. Our vision is a world without forced, bonded, exploitative, or child labor. 

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There are more than



slaves in the world today.*

That’s more than at any point in history.

*Global estimates of Modern Slavery 2017

Our Current Campaigns

BuyFair Mobile App

Scan products before you buy,  vote for transparency from your favourite brands, and campaign for better standards.


Support the rehabilitation and education of recently rescued women through the TAF/READ Education Program.


Give the gift of a new start for survivors of horrendous, unsafe factory accidents through our prosthetics fundraisers.

Creating calls-to-action for social impact media:

The Abolish Foundation (TAF) works to provide measurable impact solutions to global systemic problems.

Be a Campaign Volunteer

We are always looking for skilled volunteers to help us achieve our objectives. There are a wide variety of support positions available such as research,  digital/social media, sponsorship, outreach, consulting, and more. We empower our volunteers to help put an end to modern-slavery, using their unique skill-sets and ideas.

Our Work:

What We Do

Create Awareness

Through partnerships, we organize campaigns to raise awareness and create measurable impact for global issues, like modern-slavery

Support Survivors

Depending on the nature of the issues raised by our partners, we support survivors affected by the atrocities uncovered through awareness campaigns and fundraisers

Develop New Technology

By developing new technology, such as the BuyFair App, we help facilitate greater awareness and measurable action to incite change

Create Measurable Impact

By taking this ‘top-down, bottom-up’ approach, we are able to create social impact for those that are both directly and indirectly affected by the issues

What Drives Us:

Our Mission

The Abolish Foundation exists to create call-to-actions for global systemic problems. Our goals are to build new technology that will aid in bringing both awareness and action to the issues and to aid in supporting survivors through social-impact fundraising campaigns. By partnering with NGO’s who are tackling these issues on the ground, we aim to provide immediate relief, rehabilitation, and education to those directly affected by the issues.

With our current initiatives, our aim is to contribute to the elimination of modern-day slavery in line with SDG target 8.7 (below). We provide research- and evidence-based methods of raising awareness of various human rights issues associated with modern slavery; promote responsible, ethical, and compassionate consumerism; and offer direct support to victims of forced labour, labour exploitation, and worker abuse.

“8.7 – Take immediate and effective measures to eradicate forced labour, end modern slavery and human trafficking and secure the prohibition and elimination of the worst forms of child labour, including recruitment and use of child soldiers, and by 2025 end child labour in all its forms.”

— Goal 8.7, United Nations SDG Declaration (September 2015)


Help us spread awareness about buying products that are sourced ethically, through supply chains that do not contribute to forced labour and labour exploitation. Learn more about the BuyFair Mobile App, be a beta tester, and help everyone #BuyFair.

Upcoming Events

2020 - Fundraising Events

We are currently in the process of organizing a variety of fundraisers to raise awareness about modern-slavery and funding for development of the BuyFair app. Subscribe to our mailing list for up to date announcements.


Partner with TAF


Do you have an active social following that you want to use for positive change? Be an influencer for our campaigns and help us bring these issues to light. We here to support your efforts to help us spread awareness for our campaigns. Find out how you can help us change the lives of individuals affected by modern-slavery and incite change on a global scale.

Corporate Sponsorship

Does your organization have an active interest in global supply chains that are free of forced-labour and labour exploitation? Get in touch with us to find out what kind of Corporate Sponsorships are available to support your organizations CSR requirements, company culture, or to reinforce your corporate values.

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