say no to forced labour in manufacturing supply chains

Please support intrepid bike riders Kim Carter and Phil Mason in a charity challenge as they attempt to cycle from the  Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic in one day on the 28th of March. The riders will have to cycle up into a cloud forest of the San Blas Mountains before reaching the other side. 

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You can directly support the development, testing and rollout of the the BuyFair app by making a donation to TAF.

Modern slavery affects us all. It is likely that some of the food you consume, the electronics you use, the clothes you wear, or the toys your children play with were manufactured using forced or bonded labour.

Through the BuyFair app, you can scan the barcodes of products to see whether factory and farm workers were likely treated decently or exploited. Browse through A-F company grades. Or join our campaign by telling brands you want them to be more transparent.

Please help us put an end to modern-day slavery with the help of the BuyFair app which is being developed by The Abolish Foundation. The app is going to be free and is expected to be released by the end of May 2018. 



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    App Development Update

    The new BuyFair app is scheduled to be launched May, 2018.