About The Abolish Foundation

The Abolish Foundation (TAF) is a Canadian not-for-profit corporation that supports global initiatives to combat modern slavery, human rights abuses, gender inequality, and environmental destruction. TAF develops and implements the campaign components of Wishing Step Pictures Ltd.’s social impact films.

Our Current Campaign


The Free2Work app lets consumers scan the barcodes of products and avoid buying products made with slave labour. The app grades corporations on a scale of “A” to “F” to evaluate the risk that their products were made with forced or child labour. Before a rating is generated, a corporation is evaluated based on over 100 factors covering various aspects of its supply chain, including the transparency of the supply chain and the presence of adequate guidelines to protect workers. The grading evaluation can be provided on request. 

The Free2Work app is being developed and administered by TAF, which has licensed
the app from a partner NGO, Not For Sale, for a period of 10 years.


How You Can Take Action 

You can directly support the development, testing and rollout of the the Free2Work app by making a donation to TAF.

App Development Update

During the six months TAF has owned the license for the Free2Work app, it has updated the app and now has a working Android beta version and working backend where it can add new ratings. After testing, TAF will complete the initial redevelopment by making the app iOS compatible, iron out any bugs and add some interesting features to make the app even more powerful. When the Free2Work app is fully developed TAF will launch a robust marketing and social media campaign, creating awareness and asking members of the public to download the app for free. The modern slavery documentary film is due for release by Wishing Step Pictures Ltd. in 2018 and features the Free2Work app as its main call to action. On release, audiences will be asked at the end of each screening to also download the app for free and viewers of the film’s online version can download the app while watching the film. This will assist TAF in its primary outreach objective of getting the app into the hands of as many people as possible.