Transform Your Understanding of Modern-Slavery:

Worker Stories

Vidya, Tamil Nadu, India

Ajay, Rajasthan, India

Kalavathy, Tamil Nadu, India

Tamas, Hamilton, Ontario

Veeru, Sindh, Pakistan

Karim, Sindh, India

The Abolish Foundation:

Success Stories


Ajay Kumar

Ajay survived having his arm dismembered in an accident while working in an unsafe cotton-ginning mill. The Abolish Foundation raised the funds necessary to provide Ajay with a complete myo-electric arm, bringing back some of his mobility. By working with Dr. Pooja Mukul in Jaipur, we were able to help fulfill Ajay’s dream of having an arm again.


BuyFair Beta

We successfully launched a Private Beta version of the app to early adopters in early September 2018 to collect feedback on the user experience. Phase II involves fundraising to be able to launch the app publicly with a team in place to liaise with brands and continue technology development.

The Abolish Foundation Team works tirelessly to manage and grow so we can continue our mission. To learn more about our ambition, determination, and on-going, long-term development efforts and campaigns, please:   


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