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Education Fund.
Rehabilitation & Education:

Starting Again

Helping fifty women survivors by providing them with rehabilitation & education.  

On a recent research trip in India in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, one of the largest textile centres in the world, TAF volunteers came across stories of horrific abuses against young women in the state’s textile factories. This initiative is for the education of these women, who have been reunited with their families and whose rehabilitation is crucial. All are between the ages of fourteen and twenty, and all were rescued within the past year. 

Kalavathy's Story

Hear the story of how Kalavathy was treated while working in a cotton mill in southern India & how she escaped:  

Current Fundraiser:

Abolish for R.E.A.D.

The Abolish Foundation Karur Women’s Education Fund will provide assistance with school tuition, administration and enrollment costs, school uniforms, backpacks, transportation, and books and stationery. We want to help with the education of 50 young women over the next three years. The cost of this is $1298 CAD per student.

We are carrying out this initiative in partnership with READ – the Rights Education & Development Centre – a registered non-profit organization working primarily in Western Tamil Nadu. Since its establishment in 2001, READ has helped over 8000 children, 5000 families, and 2000 women. With our help, READ’s charismatic leader-activist Karuppusamy has identified an area in Karur district wherein no previous rehabilitation program has ever been run, despite a dire need for one. For the Dalits and other exploited labourers in the area, READ’s guidance and help will provide critical support.

We cannot stress enough the dire outcomes for rescued slave labourers who are not given an opportunity to further their education. Many fall back into exploitative situations. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of these women.

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