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When the Horrendous Happens:

Losing a Limb

What happens to the children who are injured in unsafe factory accidents?  

The Abolish Foundation works with various NGO’s to identify children who have survived injuries in unsafe factory accidents. Many of these children are left without compensation from their employers, and in some of the worst cases, left without a limb. These children and their families struggle to makes ends meet and do not have the income required to provide their child with the necessary support and prosthesis to begin to heal and regain their confidence. Without the proper care, these children can often fall in to a life of begging and poverty- we work to show them that they are not alone and by giving them the gift of a new limb.   

I am grateful to The Abolish Foundation for offering Ajay hope, walking the talk and truly transforming his life.

On September 17, Ajay came in as a dispirited, uncommunicative person and the very next day he was smiling, confident and ready to take on life. For the world you may be just another foundation but for Ajay, you are the World.

Dr. Pooja Mukul

Ajay's Story

The first survivor we worked with, Ajay Kumar, lost his arm in an unsafe cotton ginning mill. Hear the story of how he lost his arm: 

Ultra Trail Challenge

Two Oceans, One Day: Ultra Trail Bike Challenge To Help End Modern Slavery:

Challenge coordinator Kim Carter successfully rode across Panama earlier this year to raise awareness and to help fund a new prothestic arm for Ajay, whose story you will read below. The 60 mile route did not follow the traditional flat Panama Canal but was chosen to provide more of a challenge with steep hilly terrain and cloud forests requiring special permission from indigenous Guna tribe chiefs to enter their land.  Kim has expanded the field of weekend riders for this next trip and is reaching out to donors hoping to be able to offer hope and life changing prosthetic limbs to another survivor of forced child labor, Anil Bahgora, who lost his whole arm in a factory accident when he was just 12 years old. Funds from this campaign will also go towards development of the BuyFair mobile app, supported by campaign advisor and Actress Robin Wright, to empower the masses to fight against modern-slavery.

UPDATE: The 2019 Ultra Trail Challenge Riders have successfully completed their ride! Watch the video below for a glimpse in to their journey: 

The Campaign is Still Open!

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