Join a Committee that Speaks to You:


Research Committee

Help contribute to the app development, launch, & distribution.

Grants Committee

Be a part of a team or work solo on grants that can propel our objectives.

Social Committee

Help create original and aggregate content for our social media channels.

Campaign Committee

Spearhead or provide support for one of our current campaigns based on your skill set.

Events Committee

Help us plan, market, & execute events in your city to raise awareness and fundraise.

Use Your Voice to Spread the Word:

Social Influencers

Use your social following to help us bring awareness to the issues addressed in our campaigns. Create posts that show how you shop, live, and thrive in ethical and sustainable ways. We would love to work with you to create custom posts that speak to your audience and help us achieve our mission of helping to clean-up supply chains using forced labour and labour exploitation. 

Create a Culture of Compassion:

Be A Corporate Sponsor

Enhance your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility by taking part in helping to solve global issues. We are currently seeking corporate sponsorship for our events and for the BuyFair app. Contact us for more information on how to put your company front and centre in the revolution for ethical supply chains.

We invite the opportunity to speak with you to discover how best to align our campaigns with your organizations goals.


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