meet the TEAM

Kim Carter


Kim Carter has owned and operated a vertically integrated company in the UK; was Founder/Director of publishing companies Carter & Carter Ltd. and Salt Kettle Publishing Ltd.; was Chairman/Director, Macquarie Capital Alliance International Limited; and Director, Macquarie MCG International Limited. Kim is an Independent Director of Macquarie Special Situations Fund Limited (MSSits) and three other related Macquarie entities. In addition to several other directorships, he is a founder of KATKiDS (, and Co-Founder of TEDxBermuda. In 2007 Kim helped in the rescue and subsequent rehabilitation of 136 trafficked children in Nepal. The children were in appalling physical and mental condition while in the hands of traffickers, but after the rescue and many years of care, they are in good health, many going on to higher education and all have finally been reunited with their families.

Zabi Yaqeen

Director, technology and legal

Zabi Yaqeen is a media and technology lawyer, and a film producer in Toronto, Canada. In addition to acting for and against chartered banks, multinationals and individual complainants and defendants in court, Zabi has helped filmmakers, technology start-ups, media and internet companies with various aspects of their projects, with a focus on emerging media technology and adapting media distribution to the new ways in which audiences consume content. Zabi practised commercial litigation and entertainment law at Julian Heller and Associates for 8 years before starting his own practice in 2014 and focusing on Abolish and TAF. He has obtained degrees in both common law and civil law, and practices in English and French.

Neil Glass

Director, finance

Neil Glass is a chartered accountant and owner of Bermuda-based WW Management Limited, providing management oversight to, and serving as a director of, hedge funds. Neil was a Co-Founder of the Bermuda International Film Festival and its Treasurer from 1996–2008. He was also the Leader of the Bermuda Business Development Agency's Asset Management Focus Group (2013-2016), which works closely with senior members of industry, government and the regulator, with the goal of revitalizing the asset management industry in Bermuda.

Agam Jain

Advisor, Risk Management

Agam Jain is a qualified actuary, with more than 8 years of insurance industry and financial risk management consulting experience, having worked for PwC in the UK and KPMG in Bermuda. Since 2015 he has produced two films: independent thriller "By Any Means" was selected for and won awards at multiple international independent film festivals; and "A Piece of the Rock", a documentary highlighting world-leading instances of road crashes in Bermuda and their socio-economic impact on the island's population. To complement the documentary, he lead a highly successful road safety campaign in Bermuda in 2017, generating public momentum to urge the local authorities to take decisive action.

gabriel brown

Development consultant

Gabriel Brown is a digital media professional and product development consultant based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has spent the last six years of his career leading user experience and development of web and mobile applications for non-profit organizations and social enterprise startups including Not For Sale, LuvTap, Humanity United, The Abolish Foundation, and The Samilia Foundation. He is passionate about the use of technology in addressing social justice issues, particularly in the areas of human trafficking and gender-based violence. He currently works for the international non-profit organization TechSoup as the Director of Web Production and is a member of the board for the San Francisco Bay Area-based domestic violence agency CORA.


Project Manager

Martin Sieg is a digital media producer with a background in web technology and communication studies. He has been working on web-based projects since the early ‘90s: a pro-democracy newsletter; digital content for educational institutions; an online, animated American Sign Language teaching tool for children; and a variety of web and mobile applications for entertainment and learning.

Samantha Stewart

Marketing/Events Toronto

Samantha Stewart has worked many years in the non-profit sector, both as a volunteer and an employee. Samantha has created innovative programs for the Children’s Aid Society and headed up fundraising events for organizations such as Camp Oochigeas, Terry Fox Foundation, and Autism Awareness. Her wealth of knowledge in the non-profit sector and network is a valuable asset to our foundation. Her past experiences and interpersonal skills will help us propel our project forward.

Haley Wrinkle

App development research consultant

Haley Wrinkle consults companies and organizations on supply chain sustainability and human rights.  She formerly co-directed the Free2Work project. Most recently, Haley worked at the International Labor Rights Forum, where she co-led a palm oil campaign that uncovered human trafficking on ethically certified plantations. Haley has worked on efforts for Not For Sale, Behind the Barcode, Conservation International, Rainforest Action Network, Direct Relief, UNI Global Union and Skymore Ventures. Her work has been featured in the Guardian, CNN, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Huffington Post, Forbes, and Fast Company.

Laura Malloy

Director, Marketing

Laura Malloy is a marketing and consumer insights professional and a brand strategy consultant. She has over 14 years of experience in helping organizations leverage quantitative and qualitative data to unlock meaningful insights to better meet their consumers’ needs. With a Master’s degree in Sociology with an emphasis in media and gender studies, Laura has always had a passion for advancing human rights issues and social equality, and also understands the power of media in increasing aware of social issues. In addition to being a Director at The Abolish Foundation, she also owns a culinary travel business and serves as an independent marketing consultant for food and hospitality companies.  Laura currently splits her time between New York and Bermuda.




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