TAF/READ Karur Women's Education Fund

On a recent research trip in India in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, one of the largest textile centres in the world, TAF volunteers came across stories of horrific abuses against young women in the state's textile factories. Lured away from home with promises of safety, security, and economic advancement, these women were subjected to verbal, emotional, physical, or sexual harassment or abuse at their workplaces.


We need your support to run a three-year rehabilitation program aimed at providing higher education and vocational training to fifty recently rescued young women. All are between the ages of fourteen and twenty, and all were rescued within the past year. The TAF Karur Women's Education Fund will provide assistance with school tuition, administration and enrollment costs, school uniforms, backpacks, transportation, and books and stationery. Click here to donate, and here for our GoFundMe campaign page.

Profile of a textile worker

A substantial number of Tamil Nadu's textile workers are recruited from marginalized communities, rural areas, and the urban poor. As of 2017, the industry employs 38 million people, including children, adolescents, and unmarried women. Women, particularly young women, are recruited from remote districts with promises of stability and security, only to be verbally, emotionally, physically, or sexually abused at the hands of their employers. The video below is an introduction to a few former cotton and textile industry workers.


Rights Education & Development Centre (READ)

We are carrying out this initiative in partnership with READ – the Rights Education & Development Centre – a registered non-profit organisation working primarily in Western Tamil Nadu in the three districts of Erode, Tiruppur, and Coimbatore. Since its establishment in 2001, READ has helped over 8000 children, 5000 families, and 2000 women. Together, TAF and READ have identified an area called Kulithalai in Karur district in which no previous rehabilitation program has ever been run. For the rescued Karurian women we are supporting, further education and training will enable a brighter, better future and stave off the possibility of them succumbing once more to exploitation.