The Abolish Foundation (TAF) is a Canadian not-for-profit organization committed to combating modern-day slavery, labour exploitation, and worker abuse. We employ a two-pronged approach to influencing global change - 

  • Top-down: TAF promotes conscious consumerism worldwide. We are actively working to raise awareness of the idea of responsible buying, wherein products and companies have their supply chains inspected for the presence of slave, forced, bonded, or child labour. The ethical rejection of merchandise and manufacturers with dirty supply chains can encourage corporations to examine and overhaul their production networks and maintain transparency regarding their manufacturing practices.
  • Bottom-up: In partnership with other not-for-profit, non-governmental, or charity organisations, TAF identifies industries, areas, and people involved in or affected by modern-day slavery. We institute on-the-ground efforts to combat dirty supply chains and rescue and rehabilitate forced or abused labourers. TAF provides direct services to victims and survivors of modern-day slavery, and, for those who are interested, offers help in promoting anti-slavery activism.