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Become a Modern-Day Abolitionist



Download the buyfair app

The BuyFair App is a free mobile app that allows users to scan the bar-codes of products with their phones to avoid buying merchandise made using slave labour. We urge everyone to download this free app and begin the process of making more ethical purchasing decisions. Share your actions with family, friends, colleagues, companies, and other abolitionsists on your social media. Let's work together to get the BuyFair app in the hands of the widest number of people possible.

Become a TAF partner

TAF is looking for partners with whom to collaborate, like non-profit organizations, social influencers, educational institutions, family offices, and corporations. There are many ways to collaborate, so please contact us if you would like to discuss a partnership.

Fundraise for TAF

Funds are needed to support our programs to combat modern-day slavery. If you would like to start your own campaign or event, please contact us for support.

Start your own campaign or charity challenge, like a sponsored walk, run, cycle, swim, or climb.

Hold a private gathering with your friends to make people aware of this increasingly urgent global issue.

volunteer for TAF

TAF is mainly comprised of volunteers with a shared vision of a safe world where everyone is treated with dignity and given equal opportunity. All TAF Directors work on a volunteer basis. We are currently seeking experienced volunteers in the following areas:

• Research                                        • Events                                            • Grant Writing
• Public Relations                           • Content Writing                           • Social Media & Digital Marketing
• Crowd Funding                             • Public Speaking                           • Advertising

If you have high-level skills in any of these areas and wish to join our team of volunteers, please reach out to us.


All levels of donation are most appreciated. Our donations page is here.

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