Call to action: BuyFair app

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78% of Canadians are frustrated at how difficult it is to determine where, how and by whom the products they buy are made.

What is the buyfair app?

The BuyFair app lets consumers scan the barcodes of products and avoid buying products which are at high risk of being made with forced or bonded labour.  

Shop ethically with BuyFair, where you can learn which brands guard against supply chain slavery and which do not, and join our research movement.


Most of our everyday products - from the food we eat to the clothes we wear - are made by people who work in indecent conditions. Some are even produced by people trapped in slavery.  Shop ethically with BuyFair, where you can learn which brands guard against abuse and which do not. Browse through ratings in apparel, chocolate and electronics before making a purchase. Join the movement by scanning product barcodes to find out whether companies are transparent, and help our research by petitioning those that are not.

We consumers have a voice through our retail purchasing power. We need to evaluate what we buy. We need to ask "who made my product?" and avoid buying products that depend on forced or bonded labour. 


    The Abolish Foundation is developing the BuyFair app and rating tool, which are set to be released in May 2018.  The BuyFair app will include a company rating tool, crowd-sourced research features, with the ability for consumers to scan products for grades and demand company transparency where it is missing, and community and campaign features. Check back in the coming months to try it out and provide feedback!