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When buying a product, have you ever wondered who made it? Or what their working conditions were?

Modern slavery affects us all. Most of our everyday products - from the food we eat to the clothes we wear - are packaged or made by people who work in indecent conditions. Some are even produced by people trapped in slavery. At least some of the electronics you use or the toys your children play with were likely manufactured using forced or bonded labour.




With the BuyFair app, you can scan the barcodes of products you wish to purchase to check whether upstream factory or farm workers were exploited or well-treated during the manufacturing process. Companies in the BuyFair database receive A-F grades ranking their supply-chain transparency and integrity. Find alternate brands and products, join our campaign by telling companies you want them to be more ethical, and share your actions with the world.

The app allows users to demand that corporations be transparent about their supply chains. Once corporations disclose manufacturing information, they are graded to assess the risk of their products having been made with forced or bonded labour. These grades, publically available on the app, allow users to avoid buying products made unethically. Brands with failing grades or those that decline to respond to requests for transparency can be boycotted or pressured to do better.

The BuyFair app encourages ethical shopping. Learn which brands guard against supply chain slavery and which do not. Browse through ratings in apparel, chocolate, and electronics before making a purchase. Join the movement by scanning product barcodes to find out whether companies are transparent and fair, and help our research by petitioning those that are not.



We consumers have a voice through our retail purchasing power. We need to evaluate what we buy. We must ask "who made my product?" and avoid buying products created with forced or bonded labour. The BuyFair app will include a company rating tool, crowd-sourced research features, the ability for consumers to scan products for grades and demand company transparency where it is missing, and community and campaign features. Petitions and boycotts can be started and circulated on all social networks from within the app.

In the video below, Robin Wright, advisor to TAF and anti-slavery activist, speaks in support of BuyFair, responsible consumerism, and taking a stand against modern-day slavery.

Help us put an end to modern-day slavery. Support the BuyFair app, developed by The Abolish Foundation. The app is free to download and is currently in private beta testing. Click here to contribute to its development. Sign up to be a part of the Private Beta group by visiting or sign up below for foundation updates on this initiative.